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         Tekhol’s position is to be the leader of Middle & High-end market led injection module. the injection molding machine achieve to 35 units, the scale of the company is in the leading position.
          LED is an electronic product with very strong photosensitive. Tekhol is good at constant color temperature, low light failure, high light efficiency, anti-static, eliminate weld, standard current, heat dissipation and other aspects.
         Tekhol is equipped power-energy R&D team, high-quality raw material supply, strong production capacity, experienced staff and strict ISO quality management system. We satisfy our customer with high efficient operation, reliable  products and competitive price. "Efficiency is money, quality is life" as our corporate purpose.  products have been adopted and made CE, ROHS, GS, UL , 3C and other international domestic safety certification.
        Tekhol chooses HP, CREE, Osram, Seoul semiconductor wafer, Epistar, Gallium, and Chimei international brand as the LED light source.
        Tekhol has nearly 150 employees, 6000 square meters factory area, 4 full automatic patch production lines, 5 assembly lines, 35 injection production lines, according to the saturation capacity of up to 500000PCS. We have advanced wave soldering, reflow soldering, chip machine, photometric testing equipment and other modern professional production equipment, the technology reaches the international advanced level of similar products. Tekhol is one of the largest manufacturers of LED injection modules in China. 
we registered trademark SZtekhol, We are the member of alibaba, maid-in-china, globe resource,the “Asian logo”and other international platform. 
        Tekhol persists the route “win based on quality”as our brand strategy.We take perseverance and full participation as our management philosophy to achieve win-win.
        SZtekhol, Middle&High-end market LED injection module leader


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